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Dr. Lim Kah Meng (PhD, Biomedicine)

Dr Lim has dedicated a large part of his research focus on molecular biomedicine. He is a strong advocate of cellular wellness and stem cell medicine. For over more than 20 years, he has fervently pursued his scientific interests on bioactive molecules that govern and regulate cellular pathways leading to cellular homeostasis and wellbeing.

Besides cellular genetics, he has actively and continuously studied epigenetic mechanisms for which good cellular health could find its basis. Indeed, embryonic development including prenatal and fetal development are some of the natural processes that fascinate him most. Dr Lim has been credited to be the 'Father of Molecular Edible Birds Nests'. He has researched thoroughly and filed more than 29 patents just on the extraction processes for the bioactive molecules including immunological active bio-molecules from edible bird nests.

In addition, he is also known in this region to be the "Father of Molecular Placenta' where he has successfully developed hugely popular products for the commercial world based on placental stem cell extracts. He has since diversified into other stem cell research including products or platforms based on induced pluripotent stem cells for personalized aesthetics as well as therapeutics where he also spearheads clinical trials for specific diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis, and dementia.

He has also published a paper documenting successful clinical cases for 9 cancer patients in Singapore using high dose intravenous vitamin C.

Over the last 20 years, Dr Lim has continually maintained his passion for finding innovative and commercially viable solutions for molecular medicine for cancers, where he has also published at least 3 international peer-reviewed scientific papers.
Dr Lim is also deep into biomedical research for neuroscience. He has filed for at least 5 patents related to cannabinoids, specifically on medical cannabis but not exclusive to just neurological usage.

Besides pharmacological compounds, Dr Lim is also an active researcher for nutraceutical compounds for enhancing neurological functions, optimizing bioactive compounds extracted from berries.

In the molecular diagnostic space, Dr Lim has earned reasonable credits in optimizing methods to successfully use ribonucleic acids or RNAs and micro RNAs (micro ribonucleic acids) as innovative and next generation diagnostic markers for most cancers and chronic diseases in preclinical presentations, and which are currently often undetectable by conventional methods.
The last 5 years had also been committed by Dr Lim to fulfill intensive research on using proprietary extracts from genuine porcupine dates to develop as potential platelet biomedicine, which could form an integral and fundamental basis for vascular medicine to alleviate chronic diseases.

Commercially, he has successfully developed and invested in at least 7 potentially unicorn start-up companies among his consortium the last decade.

An accomplished scientist and established business leader, he was also the recipient for the Singapore award of the 10 outstanding young persons of the world in 2012.