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The Origin of Porcupine Dates

Porcupine Dates are rare “stone” that found inside of the porcupines. Porcupine is a mammalian that lives in forests. It is a herbivore. When a porcupine is wounded or sick, it will look for herbs to heal itself.
These herbs ate by porcupine after digestion will make it recover quickly. The remaining after the digestion process will mix with their secretions, will accumulate over time to form stones. These stones after the drying process become the precious porcupine dates.
As the body system, genetic build-up and the environment where the porcupine gets herbs for healing are different from each other, hence the outlook, the smoothness, the size, the quality and the colors of the porcupine dates that forms are different. The porcupine date that stays longer in the body of the porcupine may have a bigger size, much more medicament properties, and hence better quality.

Medical Value of Porcupine Dates


According to the ancient medical books, “Ben Cao Gang Mu”, “Lu Chuan Ben Cao” and “Shi Liao Ben Cao” recorded, Porcupine tripe, meat, and burrs can be used as a medicine and has medical efficacy for jaundice, edema, beriberi, and gas rushing syndromes.
According to “Shi Liao Ben Cao” records, the residue that's left in the stomach of porcupine after drying grind as powder, serving with warm water before having a meal can help to cure the patients who have the sickness of water bulging.
Porcupine dates was highly recognized and used by Southeast Asia folks for hundred of years. Porcupine Dates truly made a miracle, brings back to life from an incurable illness. Besides, the most precious was porcupine dates that form from porcupine which was grown in the rainforests in Indonesia. What they eat were pollution-free and high efficacy of natural plants. The Porcupine Dates that formed from here was the finest quality and value. It has significant additional medicinal efficacy to many diseases.

The main effects of Porcupine Dates


- Can help in analgesic
- Defuse some of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
- Phlegm detoxification
- Help to fasten the rebuilt of immune cells
- Control and alleviate the sickness condition

Liver Disease
- Help to clear the virus quickly
- Suppuration sterilization
- Enhance immune function to recover rapidly

- Help to control blood sugar
- Those diabetes patients with a serious deterioration in the wound that cannot be cured
- With internal and external apply
- Taking the capsule orally together with externally applies

Mosquito Disease
- Dengue patients may take 0.5g (1 capsule) of Porcupine Dates each time, 2 to 3 times a day for two to three days
- Platelets will increase significantly (that is normal if perspiration symptom appeared)

Pregnant Women Delivery
- Before the pregnant woman delivery, take 0.5g (1 capsuleof Porcupine Dates, continue for two days after the delivery
- Can help to relieve pain and improve wound recovery

Before & After Surgery
- It helps to resolve general post symptoms of surgery such as pain, fever, bacterial infection and assist in quick recovery after surgery

Various types of inflammations
- Very efficient for detoxification, drainage, diminishes inflammation, blood circulation, Myogenic and relieves pain

Health care
- Can be used to prevent cancer and also suitable for people who have high work pressure, excessive for smoke, alcohol and overnight workers

- It has certain effects for cardiovascular sclerosis, carminative, heart pain, stomachache, skin diseases, malignant sore and etc

Steps of taking the Porcupine Dates (follow the situation of the patient)



Situation 1

Patient with early stage disease may take 0.5g (1 capsuleof Porcupine Date daily for a month, which will help to reduce the cancer cell and can control the spread of cancer cells. Some patients will have significant improvement in the second week. Of course, patients should regularly run a checkup at the hospital to control their dieting.



Situation 2

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients can take Porcupine Dates before and after the treatment, it will help to recover faster and fasten the rebirth of cells.



Situation 3

Patient with end-stage disease may take 0.5g (1 capsuleof Porcupine Dates 3 times in a day (morning, afternoon and evening) to reduce the pain, improve fatigue and anorexia, prolong the life. However, the patients should regularly do a checkup at the hospital.



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