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Bird's Nest

Yu Yan Shop was established in 2010. We have very professional and skilled experience in Swiftlet farming, processing Bird's Nest and exporting Bird's Nest. In addition, we also provide training services for the construction of Swiftlet houses and Bird's Nest processing.
Based on Swiftlet farming and Bird's Nest industry have very high potential growth prospects, our team has been operating this industry with professional, systematic management and strict quality management system to produce good quality Bird's Nest.
Moreover, we insist on using 100% food safety standards without bleaching and without any added substances to produce Bird's Nest.
The target market of Yu Yan Shop is:-
(1) Those who are willing to join the Swiftlet farming or Bird's Nest industry
(2) Consumers of Bird's Nest
The vision is to lead our company to become one of the leading companies in the development of Malaysia's Swiftlet industry and one of the leading brands in the Bird's Nest industry.