Gold Mountain Global Sdn Bhd

Gold Mountain Group is a company that supplies porcupine dates dietary supplements. Our headquarter is situated in Johor, Malaysia. In business since 1993, our founder Mr Tai Shuang Taa, together with his research partners, has been studying the art of identifying the benefits of porcupine dates. Together, they have also helped more than hundreds of customers, some with chronic illness to improve their overall wellbeing.

Why Choose Us
Goods For Health
specifically designed, formulated, or intended to promote or contribute to a person's overall well-being and health.
Monitoring Best Products
Involves evaluating products based on various criteria such as performance, quality, features, and user satisfaction to identify those that stand out as the best options.
Gold Mountain Group offers customers premium quality products at an affordable price.
Gold Mountain D'Oasis Capsule
Gold Mountain D'Oasis Capsule : Enhances Immunity
Extracted Active Ingredient in Convenient Capsules for Hygiene and Portability.
Gold Mountain D'Oasis Capsule
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Patients with Inflammation Patients with Inflammation
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